Bentley excelsior x : Video of car airborne at Rainbow Bridge incident vehicle

When a shocking viral video surfaced of a $300,000 mystery “Bentley Excelsior X” prototype flipping multiple times before violently exploding into customs booths at the Rainbow Bridge crossing, the internet was frenzied for answers. Who was behind the wheel of this unnamed vehicle that went airborne at blistering speeds to tragically crash like Icarus falling from the heavens it dared reach? As officials remain silent about the exotic car destroyed beyond recognition after its terrifying descent from fatal flight, theories rage in online forums over the true identity of this ephemeral magic carpet now vanished into legend after its last roaring ride across the raging falls beside history’s colorful rainbow. Following !

Bentley excelsior x
Bentley excelsior x

I. Mystery Surrounds Bentley Excelsior X in Deadly Rainbow Bridge Crash

An incident involving a mysterious vehicle dubbed the “Bentley Excelsior X” has raised many unanswered questions after the car was involved in a shocking crash at the Rainbow Bridge border crossing between the USA and Canada.

On November 23rd, 2022, a dramatic video emerged showing a speeding white car become airborne, flip over midair, and violently explode into the border checkpoint booths below. The stunning incident ended with two occupants of the vehicle being killed in the explosion and crash.

Initial reports, including from major news network CNN, identified the car as a mysterious 2-door “Bentley Excelsior X”, supposedly worth around $300,000. However, Bentley has never confirmed producing such a specific model under that name, sparking rampant speculation as to the true identity of the luxury vehicle involved.

With limited definitive information available about the so-called “Bentley Excelsior X,” the incident raises puzzling questions about what events led to the crash and exactly what prototype or concept car met such a fiery demise at Rainbow Bridge that day. The purpose of this article is to analyze the available information and online speculation related to this mysterious vehicle at the center of an increasingly viral news event.

II. Bentley Excelsior X Reportedly Goes Airborne and Explodes at Rainbow Bridge

1. Video Shows Car Traveling at High Speed Before Crash

Closed circuit security cameras captured the starting moments of the shocking incident at Rainbow Bridge on November 23rd. The footage shows the white luxury vehicle traveling at extremely high and likely dangerous speeds on the US side of the crossing.

Mere seconds later, the car is seen hitting a median in the road near border checkpoint booths, causing it to go violently airborne into the air, flipping end over end. The vehicle then disappears from view behind the booths, but sounds of a loud crash followed immediately by a sizeable explosion are clearly audible.

Witness reports later emerged describing the car flying an estimated 15-30 feet into the air before coming back down at the customs area, utterly destroyed from the sheer force of impact. Debris from the decimated vehicle scattered over a wide radius. The explosion that ensued engulfed several border booths in towering flames.

2. Bentley Excelsior X Explodes After Going Airborne, Flipping and Crashing

According to officials, the battered vehicle immediately caught fire and exploded just moments after crashing back to the ground from its airborne state. Shocking photos of the aftermath show charred, mangled metal remnants of what was once a luxury car entirely incinerated across Rainbow Bridge customs lanes.

Tragically, the 56-year-old male driver and female passenger inside the so-called “Bentley Excelsior X” were killed in the devastating explosion. A veteran border officer stationed inside one of the booths sustained relatively minor injuries, described as non-life threatening. He was treated at a local hospital and released shortly after.

The horrifying incident raises natural questions over how the vehicle reached such perilously high speeds before losing control. While the cause remains under investigation, police have found no initial indications of terrorism or intentional attack.

III. Questions Abound About Identity of Rainbow Bridge Crash Vehicle

1. Initial Reports That Vehicle Was Bentley Excelsior X

In the direct aftermath of the shocking incident, initial news reports, including from reputable outlets like CNN, identified the vehicle involved as a mysterious Bentley model called the “Excelsior X”.

Quotes from these early reports about the Excelsior X describe it vaguely as a high-end, 2-door Bentley coupe with an estimated market value around $300,000. However, when auto experts and Bentley enthusiasts began analyzing images and details from the crash, confusion set in.

2. No Confirmation From Bentley on Existence of This Specific Model

When questioned directly about this reported new Excelsior X model, official spokespeople from Bentley Motors were unable to confirm any record of the company producing a vehicle specifically under that name. No pricing, technical, or manufacturing details were able to be provided about such a car.

With emerging doubts about the accuracy of these initial crash reports, online speculation began swirling in attempt to uncover the true identity of the luxury vehicle involved at Rainbow Bridge. The mysterious “Bentley Excelsior X” appeared to be more question than fact.

IV. Online Speculation Attempts to Solve Vehicle Mystery in Viral Rainbow Bridge Incident

Lacking concrete confirmation from Bentley on the supposed Excelsior X model, much debate sprang up on automotive forums and Reddit chains about what the destroyed car could potentially be.

Some theorized it was possible the vehicle captured in photos and videos was a version of Bentley’s popular Bentayga SUV that had been customized with aftermarket parts to change its appearance substantially from factory condition.

Others postulated the speeding car was perhaps a test prototype that had not been publicly announced yet. Supporters of this theory viewed the crash as a potential tragedy involving a development mule vehicle that the company preferred not be widely known.

When analyzing finer details of the destroyed vehicle, some interesting observations were made that matched identifiable Bentley model features. For example, the exhaust tips and rear tail lights bore strong resemblance to those found on production Bentley Continental coupes. The wheels were also noted to be extremely akin to those debuting on Bentley’s newest Flying Spur sedans.

These visual similarities generated debate about whether the car originated as a Continental or Flying Spur that had simply undergone dramatic exterior modifications, possibly explaining confusion over its name and model type after such extreme post-manufacture alterations.

V. Limited Facts Available About “Bentley Excelsior X” Vehicle in Rainbow Bridge Incident

While speculation continues swirling over the tantalizing mystery surrounding the supposed “Bentley Excelsior X,” very few definitive facts are actually known about the luxury vehicle that crashed at Rainbow Bridge after becoming briefly airborne.

It is confirmed through border security camera footage that the car was white in color as it sped towards Rainbow Bridge customs booths that day. The occupant killed in the driver’s seat was a 56-year old male from the local Western New York area, suggesting the vehicle originated relatively close to the crash location site.

Officials have not released any details around why the car was traveling at such perilous speeds before the devastating incident unfolded. No stolen vehicle reports matching the description have been connected publicly either.

The visual evidence clearly depicts the speeding car hitting a low median in the road near customs booths and immediately becoming fully airborne several meters into the sky. Upon returning to earth, the vehicle sustained catastrophic damage, catching fire and exploding only seconds afterward.

Law enforcement has reiterated firmly that, as of this time, there are no indications whatsoever that the crash and explosion were deliberate acts of terrorism or a pre-planned attack. While an investigation is ongoing, initial findings suggest the vehicle’s driver possibly lost control before going airborne and fatally crashing. No suicide note or extremist manifesto has surfaced attaching sinister motives behind the driver’s actions.

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