Sumati steel pushpak bhai suicide : Klp Suicide Case Today

The winding roads of the Himalayas have witnessed countless tragedies through the years, but few compare to the shocking murder conspiracy that recently unfurled at Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh’s KLP Suicide Point. What first seemed like the unfortunate accidental fall and demise of 37-year old Rekha Sharma took a sinister turn when the Sumati Steel Chennai vehicle driver’s nervous testimony raised red flags. This prompted police to uncover the grisly plot masterminded by Rekha’s spurned husband Vineet Sharma – the Sumati Steel owner himself. In a cold-blooded plan spawned by suspicions over his wife’s fidelity, Vineet conspired with his brother Karnav to convince her to visit the cliffs where the trio and driver made not one, but three separate trips with the sole intention of pushing Rekha to her death. It eventually fell on Sumati Steel driver Manvinder Singh to carry out the act by forcefully shoving the unsuspecting woman off the “Sumati steel pushpak bhai suicide ” on December 19th, 2022, leading to the eventual arrests of all conspirators after Manvinder’s confession finally exposed this KLP suicide case. The revelations threw open the dark underbelly of marital discord and violence against women – where even money and status cannot quell the most brutal opportunistic human instincts for crime. Following !

Sumati steel pushpak bhai suicide
Sumati steel pushpak bhai suicide

I. Sumati Steel Pushpak Bhai Suicide Case Today

The shocking and tragic suicide case of 37-year-old Rekha Sharma has recently come to light in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. What originally appeared to be an accidental fall off a cliff while taking selfies has now been revealed by police to be a pre-planned murder conspiracy hatched by the woman’s own husband Vineet Sharma and his brother Karnav Sharma.

On December 19th, 2022, a call was made to the emergency police number about a woman slipping and falling into a gorge at the ominously named “Suicide Point” near the popular tourist destination of Kinner Kailash in Kalpa, Kinnaur. The caller identified himself as Manvinder Singh, the driver of the vehicle that brought the now deceased Rekha Sharma and her relatives to the cliff that day. He relayed that while taking selfies, Rekha lost her balance and tragically fell 1000 feet into the rocky gorge below. Police registered an accidental death report based on the driver’s version of events.

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However, under interrogation, the driver’s nervous disposition raised doubts, alongside a separate police complaint filed by Rekha’s family alleging foul play. This prompted a full investigation that eventually uncovered the dark murder conspiracy that led to the KLP suicide case today.

II. Sumati Steel Chennai Owner’s Shocking Involvement

Further probing revealed that the vehicle used that fateful day was arranged by Sumati Steel, a Chennai-based company owned by none other than Rekha Sharma’s husband Vineet Sharma. Vineet had convinced his wife Rekha to visit the scenic but isolated Kinner Kailash/KLP Suicide Point tourist spot, under the ruse of areconciliatory holiday following marital issues over alleged extra-marital affairs.

Little did Rekha know, she was being driven to her own painful death. Sumati Steel driver Manvinder Singh confessed that her husband Vineet and his brother Karnav Sharma had struck a deal with him to push Rekha off the cliff during the visit. They had brought her to the same cliff twice earlier from December 18-19th in hopes of creating such an opportunity. It was only on the third visit that the driver found the chance to carry out the murderous act.

III. Grisly Murder Conspiracy By Husband and Brother-in-Law

Further investigation revealed the entire grisly conspiracy plotted by Rekha’s husband Vineet Sharma and his brother Karnav Sharma – both co-owners of Sumati Steel Chennai.

The brothers convinced Rekha to take a holiday to rekindle their strained marriage under the ruse of seeing the beautiful Kinner Kailash mountain ranges. They arranged for a Sumati Steel company vehicle with specific instructions to driver Manvinder Singh on where to stop enroute. As per the police confession, the original plan was for Karnav to push his sister-in-law Rekha off the steep Suicide Point cliff when she was distracted while Vineet pretended to take pictures nearby.

However, on the first two attempts on December 18th and 19th, the opportune moment did not present itself despite returning to the isolated cliff multiple times that day. On the crucial third visit on December 19th, driver Manvinder Singh took the matter into his own hands when the brothers hesitated, pushing the unsuspecting woman off the steep 1000 foot drop when she had her back turned to the gorge. The snippets of this gruesome confession are what led to the eventual arrests of the driver and two co-conspirators – Rekha’s husband and Vineet Sharma and his brother Karnav Sharma.

IV. Extra-Marital Affairs Motive behind KLP Suicide Point Murder

What would drive this murderous conspiracy by her own spouse and his sibling? According to the confession, the primary triggers were Vineet Sharma’s objections over Rekha’s alleged extra-marital affairs that led to bitter domestic quarrels.

While the veracity of these affairs is still under investigation, the mere suspicion was enough for the spurned husband Vineet Sharma to hatch the sinister murder plot to kill his wife. In his mind, the precariously perched Suicide Point tourist spot presented the perfect setting for an “accident” that would rid him of his supposedly unfaithful wife for good. This line of reasoning and sequence of events was uncovered by interrogators that cracked the KLP suicide case.

V. Sumati Steel Driver’s Shocking Confession

The entire murder conspiracy may have gone undetected if not for Sumati Steel driver Manvinder Singh’s confession that broke open the KLP suicide case. After initial denials about his involvement, sustained interrogation regarding inconsistencies in his statement forced the driver to come clean.

He admitted that Vineet Sharma, owner of Sumati Steel, and Vineet’s brother Karnav Sharma had persuaded him over a period from December 18th to 19th, 2022 to aid in murdering Vineet’s wife Rekha at the desolate Suicide Point cliff. The trio made three different visits – two unsuccessful attempts on the 18th and 19th followed by the final trip on December 19th when Manvinder said he took matters into his own hands and forcefully shoved Rekha off balance down the gorge when she had her back turned.

This cold-blooded confession from the Sumati Steel driver opened the floodgates to unraveling the entire conspiracy masterminded by Rekha’s husband and in-laws, leading to their arrests red-handed. It was also the final missing piece that converted an apparent freak “accident” into a pre-planned, ruthless murder.

VI. Background of Victim and Accused in KLP Suicide Case

Rekha Sharma – Victim

The deceased victim Rekha Sharma was a 37-year old woman married to Vineet Sharma, part-owner of the Sumati Steel company in 2012. Originally from Hisar, Haryana, she worked as a constable with the Rajasthan police department stationed at Asnawar, Jhalawar district. By all accounts, the marriage seemed a happy one until recent years when allegations of Rekha’s infidelity began straining relations with her husband Vineet Sharma. These unconfirmed reports of extra-marital affairs were cited as a trigger for Vineet and his brother to plan her murder.

Vineet Sharma – Husband & Main Accused

Vineet Sharma, aged 40 years, was the husband and alleged key conspirator behind Rekha Sharma’s murder. A wealthy businessman, he owned the Sumati Steel company in Chennai along with his brother Karnav Sharma. His doubts over his wife Rekha’s fidelity led to bitter fights at home, eventually turning into dark murderous rage where he plotted her killing at KLP Suicide Point. He arranged the vehicle and instructed his company driver to aid in executing the murder on December 19th, 2022 before being arrested.

Karnav Sharma – Brother-in-Law & Accused

Karnav Sharma aged 38 years was Vineet’s younger brother and partial owner of their Sumati Steel business based in Chennai. While his exact role is still under investigation, police allege that he was part of the conspiracy to murder Rekha right from planning the location at KLP Suicide Point tourist spot to arranging transport via their company car and driver. He was arrested and remanded alongside his brother Vineet Sharma.

Manvinder Singh – Sumati Steel Driver & Accused

Manvinder Singh, aged 28 years, was the assigned driver of the Sumati Steel vehicle that fateful day. Tasked with transporting Vineet, Karnav and Rekha Sharma to the Kinner Kailash/KLP Suicide Point destination, he played an active role in the killing by physically pushing Rekha down the cliff to her death on December 19th, 2022. His full confession exposing the elaborate murder conspiracy led to all the arrests and cracking the KLP suicide case.

Please note that all information presented in this article has been obtained from a variety of sources, including and several other newspapers. Although we have tried our best to verify all information, we cannot guarantee that everything mentioned is correct and has not been 100% verified. Therefore, we recommend caution when referencing this article or using it as a source in your own research or report.
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