Send Da Video Anthony Edwards

Send Da Video Anthony Edwards” exploded across social media overnight as a viral condemnation of entitlement and insensitivity. The flippant phrase originated from NBA rising star Anthony Edwards amidst a controversy that encapsulated the collision between celebrity culture, gender issues, and the amplification of social media. After leaked direct messages showed Edwards aggressively pressing a woman to film herself taking abortion pills to confirm terminating her pregnancy with him, public outcry latched onto his repeated demands for her to “send da video.” In just days, Edwards transformed from a basketball phenom painted on an NBA canvas of potential into a poster child for reprehensible behavior worthy of scorn and mockery. The exact wording of “send da video” conveyed an abhorrent trivialization of reproductive coercion at the hands of famous males. It also proved darkly tailor-made for the ultimate vilification across Twitter and Instagram. Edwards soon symbolized broader debates over female autonomy and power imbalances. But the initial spark igniting this conflagration traces directly back to his specific instruction from that toxic text thread – “send da video.” Following !

Send Da Video Anthony Edwards
Send Da Video Anthony Edwards

I. What is “send da video anthony edwards”?

Anthony Edwards is a 21-year-old shooting guard who plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves in the NBA. He was the first overall pick in the 2020 draft and won Rookie of the Year honors after his first season. As one of the young rising stars in the league, Edwards garners significant public attention.

In December 2023, Edwards became embroiled in a controversy when leaked direct messages allegedly showed him pressuring a woman to get an abortion after impregnating her. The messages that went viral centered around Edwards repeatedly telling the woman to “send da video” of her taking abortion pills as proof.

According to the leaked screenshots, Edwards responded callously when informed of the pregnancy, demanding she “get a abortion” in crude language. He then barraged her with messages insisting she “Send da video of u taking the pills.” This phase sparked outrage and mockery online as many criticized Edwards for his inappropriate behavior.

The woman eventually did send Edwards a video taking the pills, and he wired her $100,000, presumably as hush money. However, the messages still leaked publicly on December 17, 2023, showcasing Edwards’ unacceptable treatment of the situation.

II. What happened in the “send da video” controversy?

On December 17th, 2023, Instagram user @dreampaige posted screenshots exposing direct messages between her and Edwards about her pregnancy. Edwards reacted harshly, telling her to get an abortion and provide video proof of taking abortion pills.

The messages immediately spread across social media, gaining traction on Twitter from accounts like @nickiswashed. Many users expressed outrage at Edwards’ inappropriate reaction and focused on his repeated demands for the woman to “send da video.” Within a day, the story was trending, and memes mocking Edwards’s behavior were also going viral.

In response, Edwards issued a public apology on Twitter on December 18th, 2023. He claimed his messages did not reflect his true character but pointedly did not address his specific comments and actions regarding the abortion and video. The woman later confirmed that she did text Edwards a video taking the pills in exchange for $100,000.

Despite his apology, both the original leaked messages and Edwards’ response itself faced extensive backlash online. Critics highlighted Edwards’ inadequate statement and handling of the situation given the gravity of his behavior. This fueled even more jokes and commentary at the player’s expense across social media and sports outlets.

III. Why did “send da video” become a viral trend?

The repeated phrase “send da video” in Edwards’ messages encapsulated several factors that prompted the story to blow up online:

As an NBA athlete, Edwards faced more scrutiny than an ordinary person over his sexual relationships. The bizarre scandal proved perfect fodder for attention and hot takes. Furthermore, the specifically callous wording of “send da video” made Edwards seem entitled and demanding, which people latched onto.

The conversation also tied into larger gender issues regarding reproductive rights and men controlling women’s bodies. Edwards telling a woman what to do regarding her own pregnancy and insisting on video proof of an abortion hit a societal nerve. His words came across as a male policing a female’s bodily autonomy.

Additionally, the memorable brevity of “send da video” lent itself well to humor and meme formats that spread quickly online. People mocked Edwards by editing the phrase into unrelated context for comedic effect and as social commentary.

Overall, the nature of the scandal, its relevance to timely gender issues, Edwards’ celebrity status, and the viral-friendly wording of “send da video” collided into a trending story across social and sports media spheres. The coverage and jokes at Edwards’ expense continue in the aftermath.

IV. Where to find more information on “send da video”

For those interested in learning more details about the “send da video” situation and public fallout for Anthony Edwards, below are some information sources:

News Reports

  • Several outlets have covered the leaked messages, Edwards’ response, and subsequent reactions. These include sports media like Bleacher Report and SB Nation as well as general news sites.

Anthony Edwards’ Social Media

  • Edwards released an apology on his official Twitter account that users can view along with the flood of comments and criticism it garnered. His other social accounts may also address the scandal.

Viral Online Commentary & Memes

  • A hub of the story and mockery of Edwards exists on social media, especially Twitter. Viral jokes, memes, and hot takes referencing “send da video” permeate platforms with younger demographics.

NBA & Sports Forums

  • Basketball fans actively discuss NBA drama on Reddit threads like r/NBA, team forums, and sites like Deadspin. These compile reactions, analysis, and updates on the Edwards situation and fallout.

The extensive media coverage and social media storm surrounding “send da video” provide multifaceted insight into the high-profile controversy. As the discourse continues to unfold, these sources capture the lasting impact on Edwards’ reputation and larger issues entangled in the scandal. The story stands as a cautionary tale about highly inappropriate behavior from those in positions of power and influence coming to light in the modern digital era.

Please note that all information presented in this article has been obtained from a variety of sources, including and several other newspapers. Although we have tried our best to verify all information, we cannot guarantee that everything mentioned is correct and has not been 100% verified. Therefore, we recommend caution when referencing this article or using it as a source in your own research or report.
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