Satpam jumpshot original Full video gore

When a viral 15-second TikTok video showing an Indonesian security guard effortlessly sinking a very difficult backwards basketball jumpshot started circulating in 2021, it kickstarted an internet phenomenon dubbed “Satpam jumpshot original” The smooth shooting skills displayed by Pak Satpam, as the guard is affectionately known, has earned rave reactions and millions of views across social media. Comments have focused on the supreme difficulty and precision of the elevated jumpshot executed perfectly facing away from the hoop. Some have even favorably compared the viral Satpam’s form to that of professional basketball players. This one perfectly executed trick shot has brought Satpam sudden online fame and inspired numerous remixes and tributes commemorating the viral “Satpam Jumpshot” craze. Following !

Satpam jumpshot original Full video gore
Satpam jumpshot original Full video gore

I. What happend in “Satpam Jumpshot Original” Video ?

The viral video that sparked the “Satpam Jumpshot” craze first appeared on TikTok in 2021, posted by an account attributed to a security guard in Indonesia. In the now famous clip, a man identified as Pak Satpam, which affectionately means “Mr. Security Guard” in Indonesian, casually dribbles a basketball on a neighborhood court. He crosses the ball between his legs while turning around, then launches into a smooth, elevated backwards jumpshot with flawless form. Despite not even facing the basketball hoop, Pak Satpam sinks the shot perfectly as the camera zooms in on his grinning face.

The incredible precision and difficulty of the backwards shot captivated TikTok audiences instantly. View counts soared rapidly well into the millions. The unique viral clip also migrated to YouTube, where compilations of reactions and remixes with the “Satpam Jumpshot” brought millions more eyeballs. Comments praise the shot’s uncleanness and clever backwards setup, with some comparing Pak Satpam’s smooth moves to those of professional Indonesian basketball icons.

As for the man behind the viral craze phenomenon, further details emerged about the Indonesian security guard turned internet celebrity. Pak Satpam revealed in later interviews that he learned basketball informally years ago and often shoots hoops during work breaks. But he never imagined casually showing off his unconventional jumping shot skills one day would make him a globally viral sensation. The smooth “Satpam Jumpshot” represents a classic case of an amateur displaying impressive talent that the power of social media thenbroadcast widely for all to admire.

II. Identity of “Satpam” Security Guard in Jumpshot Full Video

The now famous viral video of the basketball trick shot simply identifies the man behind the smooth “satpam jumpshot” as Pak Satpam, which translates to “Mr. Security Guard” in Indonesian. While his full identity remains somewhat mysterious, a few key details have come to light about this security officer turned internet celebrity thanks to some dedicated digging by fans.

It’s been revealed that the setting for the impressive backwards jumpshot is a hospital compound in the city of Medan, Indonesia. This is likely where Pak Satpam works his regular day job as a security guard. Typical duties for hospital guards in Indonesia include monitoring CCTV cameras, patrolling grounds, screening visitors at entrances, responding to incidents, and enforcing safety protocols. While the satpam jumpshot clip doesn’t show much of the surrounding area, the backdrop is consistent with a smaller community hospital in an urban setting.

As for his clear basketball skills on display in the viral video, Pak Satpam himself shared in later interviews that he first started playing basketball recreationally as a teenager. Basketball is a popular sport in Indonesia, and like many youth, he would play pickup games with friends in his free time. Pak Satpam says he has always had a knack for the timing, positioning, and body control required to sink tough shots. But it was just a casual hobby he carried into adulthood. Of course, that one perfectly executed backwards jumpshot changed things considerably by making him a viral celebrity both across Indonesia and around the world. His smooth play prompted fans to comment that he could compete with professional players.

III. Satpam jumpshot Gore video

The now famous “satpam jumpshot” clip first shows Pak Satpam casually dribbling a basketball on an outdoor court. He then thrusts the ball between his legs while turning around, setting up the smooth backwards jumpshot. When he releases, his body fully extends up and backwards behind the three-point arc in perfect form. Despite not even facing the hoop, Pak Satpam sinks the very difficult over-the-head shot cleanly.

The shot demonstrates incredible body coordination and precision timing. Executing backwards jumpshots with precision is challenging even for seasoned players. This degree of difficulty prompted overwhelmingly impressed reactions when the video went viral. Comments praise the “unbelievable smoothness” of Pak Satpam’s play and shooting technique. Some even compared the viral security guard to famous Indonesian point guard Sunardi Salim, known for his elegance on the court during his national team days. While far from gory, the flawless nature of the “satpam jumpshot” made it an instantly memorable viral sports moment that earned acclaim from fans globally.

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