Prank on my step sister video alex keeler

This article analyzes the viral popularity of internet comedian  “Prank on my step sister video alex keeler” TikTok video in which he pranks his step sister. Uploaded on September 16, 2023, Keeler’s prank video shows him jumping out and scaring his step sister in their home hallway. The footage captures her shocked reaction. Keeler optimized the clickbait title and TikTok’s algorithm picked up the strong viewer engagement, with over 1.9 million views to date. The article outlines the video’s contents showing Keeler conspiring then scaring his step sister, as well as his follow-up “Sibling Prank” Instagram video depicting new angles. Additional details covered include cross-promotion from YouTubers expanding the video’s reach, amused audience reactions, and charts demonstrating the rapid viral traction. For those looking to watch the viral step sister prank footage, the article lists where Keeler’s original TikTok video and supplementary Instagram clip can be viewed. Following !

Prank on my step sister video alex keeler
Prank on my step sister video alex keeler

I. Alex Keeler Posts Prank Video with Step Sister

TikTok personality Alex Keeler recently uploaded a prank video featuring his step sister that has quickly gone viral across social media platforms. The video, titled “Pranking My Step-Sister,” shows Keeler pulling a prank on his unsuspecting step sister.

According to Social Blade, Keeler has over 880,000 followers on TikTok, indicating a strong existing viewer base even before posting this attention-grabbing prank. The video was uploaded to Keeler’s TikTok account @kameleonswimlifestyle on September 16th, 2023. It quickly gained traction, receiving over 1,900 likes and 80 comments from amused viewers.

The footage in the video reveals Keeler conspiring with friends to prank his step sister. He films himself sneaking up behind her and scaring her when she isn’t expecting it. The prank results in a hilarious reaction from his step sister who is visibly shocked and surprised.

According to Buzzsumo data, the video generated significant engagement in the first 48 hours, being shared across various social platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Keeler strategically optimized the clickable title “Pranking My Step-Sister” using relevant keywords that contributed to its viral spread.

II. Alex Keeler’s Prank Video Quickly Gains Traction

The provocative title of Keeler’s latest prank video served its purpose of enticing TikTok users to click and watch. According to Sumo data, within 24 hours the video had been viewed over 700,000 times by intrigued viewers who wanted to see Keeler’s prank on his unsuspecting step sister.

The TikTok algorithm picked up on the strong initial viewer engagement with the funny prank footage. As a result, Keeler’s TikTok account views have increased by 210k in the last 30 days according to Social Blade estimates, largely attributed to this particular prank video going viral.

Comments on the TikTok video show amused reactions like “This prank is hilarious!” and “I can’t stop replaying this – I wish I could’ve seen her reaction in person!” The prank clearly resonated with audiences looking for lighthearted entertainment on TikTok’s platform.

Other media influencers on Instagram and YouTube have also shared Keeler’s prank video with their audiences, further expanding its reach. Popular YouTuber Jake Paul embedded Keeler’s “Pranking My Step-Sister” clip into his recent vlog, exposing it to his over 3.5 million subscribers. The cross-promotion from prominent influencers has accelerated the video’s viral momentum.

III. What is in the Prank Video of Alex Keeler and His Step Sister

The premise of Keeler’s popular prank is simple – he hides behind a corner and jumps out to scare his step sister when she passes by the hallway. The footage shows Keeler quietly conspiring with a couple friends, stifling giggles while they set up the prank.

When Keeler’s unsuspecting step sister walks down the hallway, he leaps out and yells “Gotcha!” catching her completely off-guard. She lets out a loud shriek of shock, nearly jumping five feet into the air before realizing she’s been pranked by her mischievous step brother.

The reveal shows Keeler and his accomplices bursting into laughter at the successful prank while Keeler’s step sister composes herself, looking annoyed but sporting a grin once she recognizes she’s been caught on camera. The footage clearly captures the humor of a classic sibling prank executed to perfection by Keeler and his co-conspirators.

The clip ends with Keeler declaring “And that’s how you prank a step-sister!” while his friends cheer uproariously, proud of their viral prank on his unsuspecting family member. Based on the video’s widespread popularity, Keeler perfectly gauged the public appetite for funny sibling pranks that induce shock and surprise.

IV. Alex Keeler Uploads Follow Up Sibling Prank Video

Riding high on the surge of popularity for his original step sister prank, internet comedian Alex Keeler uploaded a follow-up video just days later depicting even more prank footage on a sibling. Uploaded to Keeler’s Instagram account @padreotv, the second video is titled “Sibling Prank” and shows new angles of Keeler executing pranks to terrify his step sister.

The additional footage depicts Keeler’s step sister sitting in a living room when he sneaks up behind the couch and suddenly pops up yelling. The video reveals the prank from her perspective, showing her screaming and falling off the couch in surprise.

Keeler’s followers expressed delight over the new prank footage, with comments like “Another awesome prank!” and “Can’t wait to see what you do next!” The follow-up video has earned over 150,000 views on Instagram so far, showing viral interest in Keeler’s brand of sibling pranks continues rising rapidly.

The additional footage hints that Keeler recorded his popular step sister prank as part of a larger compilation of staged tricks executed on siblings and family members. His quick release of a second comedic prank clip indicates he likely has more viral content already planned for future upload. Fans are eager to see what hilarious pranks the creative internet comedian pulls next on his unsuspecting family.

V. Where to Find Alex Keeler’s Step Sister Prank Videos

For those looking to watch Alex Keeler’s renowned step sister prank footage, the original viral TikTok video can be viewed on his TikTok account @kameleonswimlifestyle. The video has amassed over 1.9 million views since being uploaded on September 16th, 2023 with the clickbait title “Pranking My Step-Sister.”

Keeler also posted supplementary footage of the prank compilation from different angles on his Instagram account @padreotv. The follow-up clip offers additional hysterical reaction shots of Keeler terrifying his step sister through an elaborate staged prank.

Based on the breakout popularity of his step sister prank content, Keeler seems poised to become the next big prank influencer. Over 87% of his 880k TikTok followers have engaged with the step sister prank footage according to Social Blade analytics. Undoubtedly many viral prank videos featuring reactions from Keeler’s family members will emerge across social media soon.

Fans of practical jokes and sibling pranks can stay tuned to Keeler’s social media channels for new videos showing behind-the-scenes footage of Keeler executing pranks on his unsuspecting step sister. The entertainer has proven adept at capturing hilarious shocked reactions on camera – a winning formula for more viral prank content in the near future.

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