Pete Wicks Scandal: The Truth Behind His Rumored Affair With Zara McDermott

In our latest article at, we delve into the truth behind the scandal involving Pete Wicks, a renowned figure in British reality TV, and the rumors of his romantic involvement with Zara McDermott. Titled “Pete Wicks Scandal: The Truth Behind His Rumored Affair With Zara McDermott“, this piece offers an in-depth and detailed look at the events that stirred public interest, as well as the reactions of those involved. Join us as we uncover the truth behind the rumors and shed light on the questions the public has been asking about the relationship between Pete Wicks and Zara McDermott.

Pete Wicks Scandal: The Truth Behind His Rumored Affair With Zara McDermott
Pete Wicks Scandal: The Truth Behind His Rumored Affair With Zara McDermott

I. Who is Pete Wicks?

Pete Wicks, a prominent figure in the British reality TV scene, has left an indelible mark on fans through his colorful career. He began his reality TV journey as a cast member of “The Only Way Is Essex” (TOWIE), a popular UK series that reflects the daily lives of young people in Essex.

Since joining TOWIE in 2015, Pete Wicks quickly became one of the show’s key personalities, thanks to his charismatic appearance and unique style. He stood out not only for his long hair and distinctive tattoos but also for his ability to communicate and express genuine emotions on camera. Pete emerged as a fashion icon and lifestyle influencer among the youth, making him more than just a reality TV character but also an inspiration to many.

In TOWIE, Pete Wicks showcased himself through romantic relationships and friendships, as well as through debates and conflicts, authentically reflecting the ups and downs of his real life. His straightforwardness and willingness to face challenges head-on helped him build a strong and trustworthy image among viewers.

Moreover, his participation in TOWIE positively impacted the show. Pete Wicks not only helped boost the show’s ratings but also enriched its content, making TOWIE one of the most beloved reality TV shows in the UK. Pete’s career in TOWIE is not just a memorable chapter in his life but also a significant part of the show’s history.

Who is Pete Wicks?
Who is Pete Wicks?

II. Details about Pete Wicks scandal

The Pete Wicks scandal revolves around explicit messages sent by him to Jemma Lucy, which contradicted his previous denials of any sexual encounter with her. According to a report by The Sun, these X-rated texts detailed a night of passion between Pete Wicks, a star from “The Only Way Is Essex” (TOWIE), and Jemma Lucy, a model and Celebrity Big Brother star.

The scandal came to light when it was revealed that Pete and Jemma had spent the night together on Christmas Day in 2015, while Pete’s best friend, James Lock, was just meters away. Despite initial denials from Pete’s friends, who claimed he spent Christmas Day with James Lock and Lockie’s family, further investigations showed that Pete had invited Jemma over to James’ house, where they became intimate.

The messages exchanged between Pete and Jemma after their encounter were described as ‘filthy’, with Pete detailing what he wanted to do to her in graphic detail. These messages contradicted Pete’s earlier claims that he had only met Jemma on a night out and did not know her well.

This revelation was particularly damaging to Pete’s relationship with his then-girlfriend Megan, who was unaware of his fling with Jemma. The scandal resurfaced painful memories for Megan, as it was not the first time Pete had been caught in a sexting scandal. The previous year, Pete had been found sending sexual messages to model Jacqui Ryland behind Megan’s back.

The scandal raised questions about trust and fidelity in relationships, especially in the context of reality TV stars and their often scrutinized personal lives. It also highlighted the impact of such revelations on the relationships and mental well-being of those involved.

Details about Pete Wicks scandal
Details about Pete Wicks scandal

III. The truth behind his rumored affair with zara McDermott

Pete Wicks has firmly dismissed rumors suggesting he was having an affair with Zara McDermott while her boyfriend, Sam Thompson, was participating in “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!”. Addressing the speculation, Pete found the cheating rumors ‘quite funny’ and has been open about his amusement regarding the situation. Despite spending a significant amount of time with Zara McDermott recently, with both being spotted together on social media on various occasions, Pete insists that their relationship is purely platonic.

Both Pete and Zara, aged 35 and 26 respectively, have been involved in an Argos advertisement on their Instagram accounts and have discussed Sam’s experience on the ITV reality series on the Staying Relevant podcast. Pete, who has been close friends with Sam Thompson since they met on Celebs Go Dating in 2018, has made it clear that Zara is not his type and he cannot envision a romantic relationship with her. He expressed his adoration for Zara but emphasized that she is not his ‘cup of tea’ and doubted that a relationship between them would ever work out.

Pete also praised the relationship between Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott, describing them as a ‘great couple’ and expressing his love for them. He lamented the fact that people fail to understand that men and women can be just friends, calling such misconceptions ‘ridiculous’.

This denial by Pete Wicks comes amidst his recent headlines for making a light-hearted comment about Zara’s performance on Strictly Come Dancing 2023, where she was eliminated as the fifth contestant along with her partner Graziano Di Prima. Pete’s comments and actions reflect his perspective on the situation and his stance on the rumors surrounding him and Zara McDermott.

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