Nicolle wallace new baby girl ? Did nicolle wallace adopt a baby girl ?

Where in the world was Nicolle Wallace? The popular MSNBC host’s two week disappearance from “Nicolle wallace new baby girl ” sparked a firestorm of speculation among loyal viewers – but not even the most devoted fan could have predicted her stunning announcement upon finally returning to the airwaves. On November 21st, a beaming Wallace dialed in with life-changing news: she and husband Michael S. Schmidt had welcomed a new baby girl. Little Isabella “Izzy” Sloan Schmidt joined their family, with the overjoyed parents finally opening up about the top-secret adoption. At 51 years old, how will Nicolle adjust to the sleepless nights and endless new mom worries that come with adding an adorable new daughter?. Following !

Nicolle wallace new baby girl
Nicolle wallace new baby girl

I. Did Nicolle Wallace Adopt a Baby Girl?

Cable news host and political commentator Nicolle Wallace had fans buzzing when she mysteriously disappeared from her afternoon show “Deadline: White House” on MSNBC in early November 2023. Rumors swirled about why the popular host was suddenly absent for two weeks straight. On November 21st, Wallace finally reappeared on air to reveal the exciting reason behind her absence – she and her husband Michael S. Schmidt had welcomed a new baby girl named Isabella “Izzy” Sloan Schmidt into their family.

1. Wallace Reveals Surprise New Family Addition

Calling into the show, a beaming Wallace shared, “I have not looked at my phone in a week and I’m amazed. I understand why the truth was ruled out by so many people, that Mike and I had a baby. Her name is Isabella Sloan Schmidt and Mike, Liam and I are smitten with her.” Nicolle went on to confirm that no, she had not been secretly pregnant – little Izzy joined their family through adoption. The 51-year-old mother of two happily reported that despite a few sleepless nights so far, she felt incredibly blessed, saying “It’s a blessing to be focused again on what has always grounded me and that’s my beautiful family.”

11-year-old son Liam and their two dogs have already bonded with the newest Nicolle Wallace baby girl. “Liam was in the hospital room and scooped her up in his arms – he was calmer than we were!” laughed Wallace. As for the dogs, she joked “They would like to lick her whole face. We saw on day four of life that probably wasn’t a great idea.” It’s clear the entire Wallace-Schmidt bunch are overjoyed about their new daughter and sister Isabella.

2. Wallace’s Reaction to Life with New Baby Girl

While Nicolle is undoubtedly blissed out on newborn snuggles and baby giggles, she was candid that being a mom again at 51 comes with both pros and cons. “There are pros and cons to being a mom at 51. You are tired. I was up all night last night and I was like wow, yeah, this is what 3:45 AM looks like. I don’t see it a lot anymore,” she admitted. Wallace revealed she’s been swaying constantly, even when not holding little Izzy – just one of the many ingrained new mom habits that returns no matter the age.

Nicolle said her main focus right now is resting and bonding with the newest little girl in the family before returning to her hectic career. “We’re sort of hunkered down. There’s so much in the beginning,” she explained, describing brings Izzy along for her first pediatrician visit that day. While Nicolle may be decades older than most new moms, she’s facing all the same sleepless nights, endless baby snuggles, and new parent worries that every mom encounters. “I have all the new mom insecurities, like is this too much, should I take it away? She sleeps when she wants to sleep, which isn’t at night yet,” laughed Wallace. It seems despite her broadcasting background, even Nicolle finds herself falling into the expected exhaustion and anxiety that comes with adding a sweet baby girl to the family.

The surprise bundle of joy comes a year and half after Nicolle married journalist Michael S. Schmidt in April 2022. While Isabella is the couple’s first child together, Wallace also has an 11-year-old son named Liam from a previous marriage. Much like any new parents, Nicolle and her husband kept adoption plans hush-hush and managed to keep baby Izzy completely secret until revealing her birth on-air. After two weeks of maternity leave from “Deadline: White House” to bond with the latest addition, an elated Nicolle Wallace introduced her new baby girl Isabella to the world.

II. Nicolle Wallace New Baby Girl

Ever since news broke of Nicolle’s new daughter, fans have been abuzz with reactions ranging from shock to sheer delight about the new Nicolle Wallace baby girl. As viewers watched substitute anchors fill in week after week, many grew concerned about the missing host’s whereabouts. Wallace herself even noted, “I view the viewers as my family” – so she knew her absence would spark interest. However, the incredible baby reveal quickly turned that viewer concern into an outpouring of congratulations, well-wishes, and coos over adorable baby Izzy.

During the first week of Nicolle’s disappearance from “Deadline: White House,” fans immediately took to Twitter to express their surprise and worry. One viewer asked in dismay, “Where is Nicolle Wallace? Vacation I hope.” As the days stretched on with no word from Wallace or MSNBC about her sudden absence, speculation grew more intense. Loyal viewers began theorizing everything from a family emergency to secret pregnancy rumors.

Of course, the latter theory turned out to have some merit – there WAS a new baby on the way! With Nicolle keeping a tight lid on her adoption journey, two full weeks came and went without any hint of a new baby girl in her life. Naturally, her longtime fans grew increasingly anxious, with one insisting, “I miss Nicolle Wallace! Where is she?” As it turned out, she was at home falling in love with the newest member of her family, baby Izzy. But at the time, her disappearance was a mystery that left many devotees increasingly unsettled.

1. Excitement Over Nicolle Wallace Baby Girl Announcement

Luckily, the suspense didn’t last long – and when Nicolle finally called into “Deadline” to introduce her new baby girl Isabella to the world, fans’ concern almost immediately transformed into thrilled congratulations.

Viewers couldn’t contain their exhilaration over the heartwarming surprise, with one exclaiming, “Nicolle Wallace had her baby!!! Congratulations!” Another fan gushed, “I knew it!!! That precious face on Nicolle!!! Many blessings!!” Others echoed the sentiment, tweeting, “Yay, Nicolle! Congratulations on your new baby girl!” and “So thrilled for Nicolle Wallace and her new family addition.”

It was an announcement two weeks in the making, but well worth the wait for supporters anxious to celebrate their favorite anchor’s bundle of joy. MSNBC fans far and wide sent digital hugs and words of praise Nicolle’s way, so happy to see her positively glowing over her new daughter. The outpouring of affection for Nicolle and precious baby Izzy proves just how invested viewers are in the personal lives of beloved hosts.

2. Well-Wishes for Wallace’s Expanded Family

Beyond sheer excitement over cooing over the calves and baby photos still to come, Nicolle Wallace supporters also showered the new mom with encouragement and good wishes. Fans tweeted hopes for the family like “Wishing them nothing but love & happiness with the new addition to their family!” Others focused their positivity directly on the newborn, writing messages like “Blessings for that sweet new baby girl!” and “Congrats to that gorgeous new angel.”

Viewers also extended encouragement to big brother Liam as he takes on his new big sibling role, with one posting “Congrats to Liam too – being a big brother is so much fun!” The outpouring of kindness for Nicolle, Michael, Liam and little Isabella proves just how strongly viewers connect to the family lives of favorite news personalities. While they tune in for Nicolle’s biting political analysis, they also invest in her personal world. From concerns over her absence to virtual cheers over her return, MSNBC fans rode a two-week rollercoaster before finally celebrating baby Izzy’s long-awaited debut.

III. Wallace’s Plans After Welcoming New Baby Girl

Like most new moms, Nicolle Wallace’s world is laser-focused on her precious new gift, from sleepless nights to endless baby cuddles. But the longtime MSNBC host also has a thriving career awaiting her eventual return from maternity leave – so how will she balance work and family moving forward?

For now, Wallace is relishing every second of bonding leave with her new baby girl Izzy before even thinking about the daily news grind. She told viewers, “We’ll have a small family Thanksgiving and maybe catch the parade. We live close to the parade route, so maybe we’ll show her the Thanksgiving Day parade.” Content just to hunker down with her little turkey, Nicolle seems perfectly happy letting work wait.

The smitten mom did confirm she has no intentions to leave “Deadline: White House” permanently, reassuring everyone, “I certainly would never leave in a moment this dire.” But she was transparent that she plans to indulge in maternity leave with baby Izzy for at least two months. Nicolle deserves unrushed quality time getting to know her daughter before the daily demands of cable news come calling once again!

While Wallace currently has her hands blissfully full with late-night feedings and infinite baby snuggles, she was also adamant that her break from anchoring won’t last forever. Calling her show her “other family,” Nicolle earnestly told viewers, “I have three families – the family in my house that sees me in my sweatpant glory, my team who also sees me in all my glory, and then I have you.” She went on to pledge, unprompted, “I certainly would never leave in a moment this dire.”

So while the new mom of two will revel in every second of newborn cuddles she can soak up before returning to the spotlight, fans can rest assured Nicolle Wallace will indeed be back. Until then, the veteran broadcaster said she’ll be tuning in just like the rest of us, admitting, “I have watched your whole program today. You were exquisite in that chair. I am so lucky and grateful that you are there while I take a couple months to hang out with Izzy.”

This Thanksgiving marked a milestone first holiday for the Wallace-Schmidt family – baby Izzy’s debut Turkey Day being especially momentous. Though Nicolle joked about forgetting the date amidst the newborn haze, she said they planned to keep celebrations low-key but meaningful with their VIP guest of honor.

“We’ll have a small family Thanksgiving and maybe catch the parade. We live close to the parade route, so maybe we’ll show her the Thanksgiving Day parade,” Wallace revealed, envisioning a Norman Rockwell-esque family moment. Even if too overwhelmed, she said they will still share the occasion together, saying “If we cop out, we’ll just watch it on TV.” No matter how they commemorate, with almost-one-month-old Izzy’s very first Thanksgiving, no doubt this year’s turkey, stuffing and gratitude will hold extra special significance for the new family of four.

The holidays are always a magical period for kids, even more so through a baby’s eyes. As little Isabella gets introduced to cherished seasonal traditions from pumpkin pies on Thanksgiving to gingerbread houses in December, Nicolle Wallace will surely be relishing each milestone through her daughter’s eyes – when she isn’t catching up on sleep between feedings, that is!

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