Chilling Narco Queen Shot Video: A Shocking Incident in Santiago

On website, we will take you on a chilling journey into the harrowing account of the “Chilling Narco Queen Shot Video” in Santiago, Chile. This terrifying video has shaken public discourse and become a social media phenomenon. We will delve deep into the tragic life of Sabrina Durán Montero, known as the “Narco Queen,” and unravel the bloody and mysterious events surrounding this incident. Join us as we explore the reasons and consequences of this horrifying event and why it has stirred controversy worldwide.

Chilling Narco Queen Shot Video: A Shocking Incident in Santiago
Chilling Narco Queen Shot Video: A Shocking Incident in Santiago

I. What happened to Narco Queen?

The event related to Sabrina Durán Montero, known as the “Narco Queen,” is one of the notable and horrifying cases in Chile. On October 25, 2023, Sabrina Durán Montero became the center of attention when she was shot and killed in Santiago, Chile.

Sabrina Durán Montero was a prominent figure on the social media platform TikTok, where she garnered hundreds of thousands of followers with videos about her personal life and beauty products. However, the title “Narco Queen” was used to describe her due to her involvement in drug-related activities and organized crime. Prior to the tragic event, Sabrina had a criminal history, including drug trafficking and theft.

On the day of the incident, Sabrina Durán Montero was on her way to a nail salon in the town of Padre Hurtado, near Santiago. She was attacked by three men who shot her multiple times. A video of the incident showed her lying face down on the road, attempting to get up before being shot by an assailant. After the shooting, Sabrina tried to escape using her car, but her vehicle was later found burned in the town of Quilicura.

Sabrina Durán Montero was rushed to the hospital, but the serious gunshot wounds proved fatal, and she passed away there. This event shocked and garnered the attention of the public and media worldwide, particularly due to its horrifying and mysterious nature. The Chilean police are conducting an investigation to determine the reasons and individuals involved in the case, with indications of possible connections to “score-settling” activities.

What happened to Narco Queen?
What happened to Narco Queen?

II. Chilling Narco Queen Shot Video

In a spine-chilling video, titled “Chilling Narco Queen shot video”, that has sent shockwaves across the internet, the world witnessed the harrowing moments of Sabrina Duran Montero, a 24-year-old TikToker, lying on the cold pavement of a Santiago street. This horrifying scene unfolded after she was attacked by an assailant wearing a mask. The video paints a grim picture as the “Narco Queen” desperately struggles to rise to her feet, only to be confronted by an armed figure who coldly fires multiple shots before making a quick getaway using her own vehicle.

According to reports, Sabrina Montero was inside her car when at least two assailants approached, opening fire and ending her life. Her vehicle was later discovered engulfed in flames, located approximately half an hour’s drive away in Quilicura.

After the brutal attack, Sabrina Montero was rushed to a local hospital, but despite the valiant efforts of medical professionals, her life could not be saved. Sabrina, a single mother, was on her way to a nail salon when her path was intercepted by three men in the town of Padre Hurtado, situated near Santiago.

Local authorities are exploring the possibility that the motive behind Sabrina Montero’s murder may be linked to a rival drug gang’s settling of scores. Notably, Sabrina Montero had a criminal record, particularly for car theft and drug trafficking, and she had been released from prison just a month prior to this tragic event, as disclosed by Police Chief Leonel Munoz.

This chilling incident has not only left the community in shock but has also shone a spotlight on the perilous and intricate world associated with the “Narco Queen.” The Narco Queen shot video serves as a disturbing revelation of the dangerous realities she was embroiled in before her untimely demise.


Popular TikToker and influencer “Narco Queen” was günned down in broad day light by unknown man in mask on her way to nail salon yesterday in Chile few weeks after released from jail. Sabrina was also known to be a member of a drug cartel and who led a gang with is brothers in several occasions she was said to be arrested according to Daily Mail. The name Narco was originated form Narcotic drügs she coined together with Queen. #elgoldenblog #narcoqueen

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III. Discuss the causes and consequences of the incident

The event of Sabrina Durán Montero’s fatal shooting, also known as the “Narco Queen,” has sparked extensive discussions regarding its causes and consequences. This has given rise to a broader debate on the state of drug-related crime and security in Chile and worldwide.

The underlying reasons behind this incident are currently under intense investigation. One significant factor is Sabrina Montero’s association with criminal activities, epitomized by her moniker “Narco Queen.” She had a prior criminal record, including drug trafficking and theft, and this association may have placed her in a precarious situation. Another possibility being explored by local law enforcement is the competition and conflicts among criminal gangs, which could lead to score-settling and violence.

The aftermath of this incident has been characterized by shock and horror reverberating throughout the community. A thorough investigation is underway to determine the causes and individuals involved, potentially resulting in enhanced security measures and efforts to combat drug-related criminal organizations. It has also garnered significant media and public attention, particularly after the dissemination of the video footage of the incident.

In the future, this event may have a profound impact on how Chile and the world address drug-related issues and organized crime, raising critical questions about security and societal concerns.

Discuss the causes and consequences of the incident
Discuss the causes and consequences of the incident

IV. Social and media reaction to the video

The event of Sabrina Durán Montero’s fatal shooting, known as the “Chilling Narco Queen Shot Video,” has triggered a powerful response from both society and the media. The chilling video of this incident has become the focal point of public attention, not only in Chile but also around the world. The horrifying imagery in the video has left many people shocked and deeply saddened.

The dissemination of this video has rapidly spread across various social media platforms, garnering widespread sharing and comments from millions of viewers. The shock from this video has heightened awareness of the security situation and drug-related crime in Chile. It has also increased scrutiny of measures taken to combat criminal gangs and sparked debates in the media about the causes and consequences of this incident.

Furthermore, this event has reshaped the perception of Sabrina Montero. From being a famous TikToker, she has now become an icon associated with drug-related crime, and her moniker, “Narco Queen,” has gained more notoriety than ever before.

In summary, this incident, known as the “Chilling Narco Queen Shot Video,” has had a profound impact on both society and the media, particularly concerning drug-related crime and security. It continues to drive discussions and research into the complex challenges of addressing crime and ensuring safety within society.

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