Joe gow wife carmen wilson Video on Reddit , Youtube

When University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Chancellor Joe Gow and his wife Carmen Wilson posted steamy videos on adult sites like Pornhub and OnlyFans, they likely didn’t expect the footage to end up on mainstream platforms like Reddit and YouTube. But that’s exactly what happened last month, when a graphic compilation video of the couple with two adult film stars was shared across social media. “Joe Gow Wife Carmen Wilson Video on Reddit” became a trending search as the clip gained over 2 million views, igniting immediate outrage and calls for Gow’s resignation. The viral spread spotlighted the power couple’s taboo side hustle to the masses, threatening administration positions both had worked years to attain. Now the duo face a stark reckoning over whether their bold moonlighting was worth risking hard-won careers and reputations. Following !

Joe gow wife carmen wilson Video on Reddit
Joe gow wife carmen wilson Video on Reddit

I. Joe Gow and Wife Carmen Wilson Cause Controversy

Overview of Joe Gow and Carmen Wilson Video Posted on Reddit

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Chancellor Joe Gow found himself in hot water in late 2023 after videos of him and wife Carmen Wilson were shared on adult websites and brought to the attention of school administrators. According to reports, Gow and Wilson had posted multiple videos on platforms like OnlyFans and Pornhub under the account “Happy Couple.” The videos featured Wilson and Gow engaging in situations with various partners.

One longer compilation video in particular brought the most shock and backlash after it was shared on the popular forum Reddit in mid-December 2023 in the r/WTF subreddit. The NSFW video collected over 2.3k upvotes and many comments admonishing the behavior of a university administrator and his wife.

“Our college chancellor everyone,” read one highly upvoted sarcastic comment. The video brought the couple’s adult content into mainstream visibility and scrutiny amongst the student body and surrounding community.

Public and University Reaction to Joe Gow’s Video

The public posting of what many deemed inappropriate content quickly elicited condemnation from both the university and broader community. Students and faculty widely called for action from administrators in response to the situation with a public figure they felt was now compromised.

“How can he continue leading this university when he has so blatantly disrespected his position and the students?” one UW-La Crosse sophomore told the La Crosse Tribune.

Others argued the content had no bearing on Gow’s duties as a chancellor and that his private life should remain private. But the public outcry proved overwhelming.

Within 36 hours of the video hitting Reddit, UW system president Jay Rothman had placed Gow on immediate administrative leave pending an investigation. The UW board of regents also called an emergency meeting, after which they unanimously voted to terminate Gow’s contract.

In a statement, Rothman denounced Gow’s actions as “abhorrent” and having caused “significant reputational harm” to UW-La Crosse.

The quick disciplinary action and termination of such a high-ranking university official indicated administrators felt the spreading online controversy left them no choice but to sever ties.

II. Carmen Wilson’s Background and Relationship with Joe Gow

Carmen Wilson’s Professional History

Records indicate that prior to the recent controversy, Carmen Wilson led a fairly accomplished career in academia in her own right. She worked at UW-La Crosse for approximately 15 years beginning in 1996, primarily serving in the psychology department. Wilson possesses a PhD in counseling psychology from Iowa State University.

In 2006, Wilson chaired the very committee that selected her future husband Joe Gow to become the next chancellor of UW-La Crosse. At the time, she held an associate professor position within the psychology department.

Wilson later worked as Gow’s chief of staff while he transitioned into the new chancellor role between 2008-2011. She also briefly helmed UW-Rock County as campus executive from 2011-2016 prior to budget cuts eliminating the position.

As Gow’s spouse, Wilson additionally served in an unpaid ceremonial role as “associate to the chancellor,” which aimed to complement Gow’s formal leadership duties with community outreach and a public-facing partnership.

Carmen Wilson’s Relationship with Husband Joe Gow

Joe Gow and Carmen Wilson first met during the 2006 hiring process through which Wilson and other faculty selected Gow as their preferred candidate for the open chancellor position. They began a romantic relationship sometime thereafter.

In 2016, Gow described falling in love with Wilson over a shared passion for running. “Both enjoy running, said Gow, so they decided to run from opposite sides of the famous San Francisco bridge and meet their officiant for the ceremony in the middle,” read one report covering their wedding.

The couple have claimed participating together in amateur pornography aligned with their general openness as a couple.

“We talked it all through as a couple and decided we wanted to start being more open about parts of our life that we previously kept hidden,” Gow told reporters following the initial fallout.

Carmen Wilson’s Role as Joe Gow’s Wife

As Joe Gow’s spouse, Carmen Wilson became involved in university activities by performing the functions of an unpaid “associate to the chancellor.” This ceremonial appointment reflects a willingness from partners of administrators to take on public responsibilities.

Wilson’s duties included co-hosting university events alongside Gow and championing community causes in La Crosse. She sang in a blues-rock faculty band with her husband called The FurLow Riders. The band played free shows on campus.

However, Wilson and Gow drew criticism in 2018 when they invited adult film star Nina Hartley to give an explicit speech about pleasure and relationships to students. Wilson also faced nepotism accusations over the years given her initial role in hiring Gow.

In light of the recent severe backlash against the couple, Wilson has made no public statements or appearances. Her current activities and status remain unclear.

III. Details About Joe Gow and Carmen Wilson’s Video

Where and When Joe Gow and Carmen Wilson Video Was Posted

Gow and Wilson created accounts under the handle “Happy Couple” on a number of adult sites including OnlyFans, Pornhub, Xvideos, and more. The accounts appear to date back to early 2021.

The couple published over a dozen videos of themselves engaging with different amateur porn actors. Most videos run between 5-15 minutes in length.

In their Pornhub bio, the couple advertise longer 30-60 minute videos available for purchase through their OnlyFans page, which currently maintains over 400 subscribers.

The video drawing the most recent attention surfaced on Reddit on December 15th, 2023 in a thread mocking Gow’s appearance alongside his wife with two other partners. It quickly went viral within the campus community.

School administrators claimed they were previously unaware of the videos starring a prominent staff member. They immediately launched an investigation upon seeing the content.

Content of Joe Gow and Carmen Wilson’s Video

The video which catalyzed the scandal shows Gow and Wilson casually cooking in a kitchen with a nude woman identified as adult film performer Khloe Kapri and her boyfriend.

The four make vegan lemon bars over the course of 15 minutes while intermittently fondling each other or engaging in various acts, at one point using the kitchen counter as a prop. They regularly taste test the dessert bars.

Both Gow and Wilson are shown fully nude. At the video’s conclusion, Kapri performs oral on Gow while he leans against the counter eating one of the finished lemon bars.

The video exemplifies the type of pornography Gow and Wilson have created blending activity with everyday domestic tasks or hobbies. The couple state they seek to depict “passionate plant-powered living” through this style of amateur content creation.

Analysis of Joe Gow and Carmen Wilson’s Video

The video represents a striking case where a prominent public university administrator seen as a steward of education and values openly flouts expected norms.

Gow and Wilson exhibit little shame, leaning into taboo behavior while unafraid of recognition. They operate under personal names attached directly to their positions at UW-La Crosse.

Experts note this signals an evolving attitude among some toward more radical transparency about private relationships , even when occupying traditional leadership roles.

“Younger generations show greater comfort displaying intimate parts of life online,” said Dr. Lucas Grant, a social media ethics professor at UW-Madison. “But we’re seeing this test even professional boundaries as more figures calculate that authenticity outweighs potential backlash.”

In Gow’s case, the public outcry and threat to UW-La Crosse’s reputation greatly outweighed any desire for his personal openness. But for those supporting Gow, the video controversy raises debates over freedom of speech and expression.

IV. Fallout and Discussion Around Joe Gow and Carmen Wilson Video

Gow remained defiant in the face of widespread criticism over his pornography appearances with wife Carmen Wilson. He stood by the videos as an exercise of personal autonomy.

In a public letter, Gow acknowledged the content was intended for adult sites but questioned whether it violated any university policies or his contract.

“My wife and I have always enjoyed filming videos of our intimate life to share privately and at times publicly,” wrote Gow. “I believe every individual has a right to determine their personal relationships as well as what content they produce and share in accordance with the law.”

Gow refused calls to resign voluntarily, forcing administrators to terminate his position. He has threatened potential legal action against UW-La Crosse alleging wrongful dismissal.

Both UW-La Crosse and the UW System central administration immediately launched investigations into Gow upon the public release of the explicit video.

The UW board of regents convened an emergency meeting to discuss the appropriate response. They placed Gow on administrative leave within 36 hours as more pornographic videos came to light.

The regents’ unanimous vote to fire Gow came after a closed-door executive session. The statement announcing Gow’s termination cited willful violation of university standards and interests.

System president Jay Rothman condemned Gow for showing gross negligence toward his position’s reputation and duties as a high-level public administrator.

No information has been released regarding any separate investigation into Carmen Wilson related to her participation. As Gow’s spouse she served in an unofficial volunteer capacity.

The revelation of Gow and Wilson’s amateur pornography has ignited fierce debate over appropriate expectations for those working at public universities.

Some faculty argue that appearing in explicit videos should be considered protected speech so long as it occurs during personal time. They worry the quick decision to fire Gow sets a precedent that the university can regulate employee expression and relationships.

“What employees do off the clock shouldn’t be the business of administrators unless it directly prevents job duties,” said one UW-La Crosse professor who asked to remain anonymous due to fear of retaliation.

Others counter that senior officials like Gow inherently represent the university even while not working. They believe administrators were right to take severe action in response to the reputational risk created.

“Parents don’t want their kids at a college led by someone posting tapes online,” said Michelle Lewis, founder of the advocacy group Education Watch. “This goes beyond speech into the realm of terrible optics and consequences.”

The debate ultimately surfaces longstanding tensions over freedom of speech, conduct standards for public employees, and reasonable privacy expectations for those in prominent societal roles.

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