Gal abdush Video israel in black dress hamas

A chilling video emerged in the aftermath of a 2023 terrorist attack in Israel, sparking outrage and unanswered questions that still linger today. The grainy footage reveals a woman in a torn black dress, her legs splayed on the pavement, her arms bound behind her back. Her face is burned beyond recognition, but her identity was soon confirmed – Gal Abdush Video, a mother of two who had been brutally attacked and kidnapped by Hamas militants. Gal’s lifeless body on display became a flashpoint for the victimization of women in conflict. This disturbing video immediately went viral, as thousands demanded justice after the image crystallized the horrific violence inflicted on Israeli women and girls. Over a year later, Gal’s ultimate fate after being dragged away remains a mystery. But the indelible video bearing her name continues to circulate, symbolic of gender-based brutality and the need for accountability in attacks on females. Following !

Gal abdush Video israel in black dress hamas
Gal abdush Video israel in black dress hamas

I. Who is Gal Abdush?

Gal Abdush was a working-class mother of two living in central Israel. On October 7th, 2022, she attended a nighttime party with her husband. As they were leaving, they found themselves trapped on a highway surrounded by Hamas terrorists who had just attacked hundreds of Israeli youth in the area. With no way to escape, Gal sent one final text to her family: “You don’t understand.”

Security footage shows Gal and other partygoers panicking as terrorists swarmed their cars. At some point in the chaos, Gal’s face was severely burned to the point of being unrecognizable. Video emerged the next day of a woman in a black dress lying on her back, legs splayed, with rope binding her hands. This woman became known simply as “the woman in the black dress.”

The video immediately went viral, with thousands wondering if she was their missing loved one. Gal Abdush’s family recognized her, launching an investigation with Israeli police. Authorities believe the video shows Gal being captured and dragged away by terrorists.

Gal likely suffered horrific abuse that night. Investigations have uncovered a troubling pattern of gender-based violence during the attacks. Women and girls were specifically targeted across various sites from protests to military bases to kibbutzim. Gal Abdush’s story put a face to this violence, her video symbolizing the brutalization of Israeli women. Her ultimate fate remains unknown, but the image of her helpless form has ignited outrage over the victimization of women in conflict.

II. What happened in Gal Abdush video and attacks?

On October 7th, 2022, Hamas terrorists perpetrated a ruthless attack on hundreds of Israeli youth in southern Israel. Gal Abdush, a working-class mother attending a nighttime party, found herself caught in the chaos along with her husband. Video footage shows partygoers screaming in terror as terrorists swarmed the highway, trapping their vehicles. With no escape route, Gal and her husband were at the mercy of the attackers.

At some point in the horrific violence, Gal’s face was severely burned, leaving it unrecognizable. Chilling video emerged the next day of a woman in a black dress, bound and splayed helplessly across the pavement. Authorities have confirmed this was Gal. The video shows a group of male terrorists surrounding Gal, some carrying weapons. With her hands tied and dress torn, she is completely defenseless.

It is excruciating to imagine what horrors Gal endured for months after being dragged away that night. Investigations revealed her kidnapping fit a pattern of gender-based violence, with women and girls specifically targeted across the area. Gal’s story became a flashpoint – the image of her limp, disfigured body a stark symbol of what Israeli women suffered during the attacks.

The Gal Abdush video will be seared in Israel’s memory, encapsulating the brutal victimization of women in conflict. Gal’s ultimate fate remains a mystery. But after that text to her family – “You don’t understand” – it is sadly all too clear she met an unimaginably cruel end.

III. Why did Gal Abdush’s video become trending?

In the aftermath of the horrific attacks on October 7th, a disturbing video emerged showing an injured woman in a torn black dress, bound and splayed on the ground. Her face was burned beyond recognition. This video immediately went viral, as thousands watched the disheveled woman and wondered if she was their missing loved one who had attended festivities that night.

Speculation swirled around the woman in black’s identity. But soon, Gal Abdush’s family came forward in anguish – they recognized her. Gal’s relatives confirmed she had worn that black dress to the nighttime party and had not been heard from since her chilling last text. Gal’s family desperately appealed to authorities, launching an investigation into the video and Gal’s disappearance.

Police rapidly confirmed the woman as Gal through video analysis and other evidence. The footage indicated she had likely been captured by terrorists and was in grave danger. As Gal’s story made headlines, her video became a lightning rod – epitomizing the ruthless violence inflicted on women during the attacks.

Perhaps the image of Gal’s limp, broken body crystallized just how cruelly females were victimized that night. Perhaps people were drawn to the mystery of her ultimate fate. Either way, the Gal Abdush video seared itself into Israel’s consciousness, symbolic of the brutality women faced. With Gal still missing to this day, the video remains an integral part of an ongoing rallying cry for justice over crimes against women in conflict.

IV. Where can you watch the Gal Abdush video?

The disturbing video first emerged on social media on October 8th, 2022, likely posted by an eyewitness to the attacks the night prior. It shows a disheveled woman in a torn black dress, hands bound behind her back, face burned beyond recognition. This woman was soon confirmed by Israeli authorities to be Gal Abdush.

While the original video may no longer be accessible, it was rapidly reposted across social media in the hours after it surfaced. Major outlets like The New York Times also verified and analyzed the footage, granting further credibility. Given the video’s symbolic status and Gal’s still-unknown fate, it continues to circulate online.

Reposts, tributes, and investigative analysis of the Gal Abdush video can now be readily found in the ongoing media coverage memorializing the October 7th attacks. Google searches will turn up news articles that feature or reference the video to demonstrate the horrors inflicted that night. These pieces aim to honor the victims and put pressure on authorities to provide justice.

YouTube is another source where citizens have likely reuploaded copies of the video along with commentary. And dedicated Facebook groups and Reddit threads about the attacks probably examine and debate the video frame-by-frame.

As the definitive visual encapsulating female victimization that night, the Gal Abdush video lives on. Those moved by Gal’s story can still find and share the footage across major social platforms and news sites. While agonizing to view, the video stands as a vital call for accountability over gender-based violence against women in conflict.

Please note that all information presented in this article has been obtained from a variety of sources, including and several other newspapers. Although we have tried our best to verify all information, we cannot guarantee that everything mentioned is correct and has not been 100% verified. Therefore, we recommend caution when referencing this article or using it as a source in your own research or report.
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