Cian English Reddit : Women who filmed torture of Cian English

When 19-year-old Cian English embarked on a weekend getaway to Australia’s lively Gold Coast in May 2020, he was expecting sun, sand, and good times with friends. Tragically, the fun-loving teenager’s search for adventure would send him on a collision course with unimaginable brutality – leading to his tortured final moments being filmed and mocked by remorseless youths for entertainment. In a horrific climax, English was ultimately thrown from an eleventh story balcony to his death by male attackers egged on by two 16-year-old girls. These callous young women proceeded to publish dehumanizing footage of English’s abuse on social media to further his humiliation after death. While justice was ultimately served to the perpetrators, English’s grieving family must grapple with compounding traumas from both his gruesome demise and cyber-assisted character assassination. Generations now haunted by Cian English Reddit cruel fate are left pleading – how could this happen to my gentle, promising boy? Following !

Cian English Reddit
Cian English Reddit

I. Cian English Reddit

The story of Cian English’s tragic death begins with a weekend getaway gone terribly wrong. In May 2020, the 19-year-old traveled to Surfers Paradise, a lively coastal region on Australia’s Gold Coast, for a fun weekend with friends. This fateful choice would end with English tortured, degraded, and pushed over the edge of a high-rise balcony by a group of aggressors.

It all started on the night of May 22 when English and a friend were invited to join three men—Lachlan Paul Soper-Lagas, 21, Jason Ryan Knowles, 25, and Hayden Paul Kratzmann, 23—to party in their hotel room. By several witness accounts, the group was taking a dangerous combination of prescription and non-prescription drugs and alcohol.

In the early hours of May 23 around 2 a.m., the atmosphere abruptly changed. Kratzmann suddenly accused English and his friend of stealing their drugs. Despite English and his friend’s adamant denies of the accusation, what followed was a horrific 27-minute ordeal that ended with the young man’s death.

II. The Attack and Filming

Threatened at Knifepoint, Forced to Undress

Kratzmann, Knowles, and Soper-Lagas wasted no time unleashing a torrent of violence on English and his friend. Brandishing a knife, they threatened the terrified teens, demanding again to know the whereabouts of the supposedly stolen drugs, and forced them to strip naked.

“Where are the Valiums, you little c***?” Knowles screamed, according to later testimony. “Empty everything out of your pockets or you’ll be going over that balcony!”

Assaulted and Tortured as Women Filmed
Over the next agonizing half hour, English and his friend endured assault, torture, and degredation at the hands of their captors. The men beat them, kicking English so hard he vomited blood. They stubbed lit cigarettes out on their skin, urinated on them, and violated them with a toothbrush.

All the while, two 16-year-old girls, who cannot be named for legal reasons, recorded the humiliating abuse on their mobile phones. Disturbingly, the girls appeared to relish their role in antagonizing the helpless victims, directing and participating in their torture.

“Make them dance!” one girl jeered as the battered boys struggled to remain standing, dizzy from blows to their heads. With the heinous abuse ongoing, more people in nearby rooms begin filtering in to observe the sickening scene.

At one point, English managed to break free and cling desperately to the balcony railing before Soper-Lagas and Kratzmann wrestled him back inside. The woman filming told police she saw Soper-Lagas holding English in a chokehold until he passed out and collapsed limply to the floor.

Videos Posted on Social Media to Humiliate Further In the ultimate act of degradation, the attackers then urinated on English’s unconscious body. Regaining blurry semi-consciousness coated in urine, English reportedly slurred out, “I just want to go home.”

Moments later, another struggle ensued on the balcony resulting in English tragically plunging from the 11th floor to his death on the pavement below.

Meanwhile, the two teen girls were busy posting their recordings of English’s anguished torture on social media. The dehumanizing videos quickly spread among the virtual peanut gallery, exponentially amplifying the humiliation of English’s last living hours.

III. Sentencing of the Women

Women Now 19 and 20 Years Old Nearly three years after their abhorrent behavior, the two women, now aged 19 and 20, faced sentencing in November 2023 for their role in English’s death.

During the trial, prosecutors aimed to demonstrate the callousness of the women’s actions, highlighting how one girl filmed English being forced to clean up his own blood.

“The bad b**** I am, making this c*** clean his own blood up,” she allegedly captioned the clip.

Meanwhile, her companion recorded the tragic aftermath of English’s fall from the balcony as he lay dying on the pavement. Yet despite his clearly dire condition, she expressed no hint of remorse or empathy.

“F***, he’s dead,” she laughed nervously to the others present. The group then promptly fled the scene without calling emergency services.

Lack of Remorse Evident; Posted Videos Even After Death In his remarks, Justice Peter Applegarth skewered the women for appearing to feel no remorse about their role in English’s anguished final hours.

“You weren’t shocked to your senses,” he stated. “You posted videos to your social media accounts. Labels don’t really help; callous [and] selfish come to mind. How is that anything other than cruel? It certainly doesn’t show remorse after the events.”

By encouraging the male attackers and documenting English’s abuse for further humiliation online, the judge determined the women were willing participants.

“Had you not picked up your phone and recorded this, the events would have been the same,” Justice Applegarth reasoned. “But the violent, brutal, egotistical offenders didn’t need any encouragement.”

Troubled Upbringings Contributed to Choices In determining sentences for the women, the court aimed to strike a balance between punishment and rehabilitation. Defense attorneys for both women presented evidence of difficult childhoods and traumatic events that potentially contributed to their poor decision-making.

One lawyer described his client’s actions as “shocking and disgraceful,” but emphasized she was remorseful and working to turn her life around. The teenager addressed English’s family directly in a letter, writing, “I would never forgive myself” for playing a role in English’s suffering.

“I think about it every day and get haunted by what I did,” she wrote. “He deserves better.”

Both women ultimately received two years probation for their involvement. The overseeing judge determined jail time would be detrimental to their rehabilitation. Their age at the time of the crime was also a mitigating factor in sentencing.

IV. Impact on Cian’s Family

Mother Shares Grief Over Son’s Death Cian English’s grieving mother, Siobhan English, spoke at length about the shattering emotional toll of her son’s gruesome death in her victim impact statement.

Struggling through tears, she described the harrowing recurring trauma of picturing her child tortured, thrown from a balcony, and lying helpless on the pavement below in his final moments.

“Waking up every morning and praying and hoping it was all a horrible nightmare, only to be brought back to reality every day, the gut-wrenching pain and torture, again and again and again,” she recounted.

The very way Cian perished seemingly scratched at an instinctual fear and revulsion within his devoted mother.

“Thinking of the way Cian died destroys a little bit of me every time,” she said, “it is not the way my child was supposed to die.”

Entire Generation of Family Traumatized by Loss
The emotional devastation in the wake of 19-year-old Cian’s loss has rippled outwards to touch all who loved him. Beyond just a grieving mother, English’s death delivered a trauma that will haunt generations.

“An entire generation [of my family] has been haunted forever,” his mother despaired.

Siobhan English described her son as “extraordinarily bright” and “unfailingly adventurous” before his precious light was brutally extinguished. Cian English had his entire life ahead of him, on the cusp of blossoming independence; a devastating loss under any circumstances.

But the particular cruelty of Cian’s torturous last moments seems to have made healing even more distant and difficult for those left behind. The family must live forever more with the knowledge of how intensely their beloved child suffered before dying alone, terrified and in pain.

Justice and punishment for those involved brings little relief to this deeper spiritual wound. The incentive for rehabilitation also provides small comfort to grieving loved ones still picturing the abuse inflicted upon someone they cherished.

For them, the trauma echoes through an endless feedback loop; every cherished memory polluted by imagining what came after. Perhaps all they can hope for now is preventing such evil from being inflicted upon other innocent young men.

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