Barmer mla Viral Video CCTV footage

This probing question now confronts Ashok Gehlot, as shocking viral videos allegedly featuring his party’s former Barmer MLA Mevaram Jain threaten to derail Congress’ prospects in the upcoming Rajasthan elections. Clips of Jain in compromising positions with multiple women have surfaced online, sparking public fury. With the police hot on the trail examining Barmer mla Viral Video CCTV footage and forensic evidence, this sordid scandal is set to rock the desert state all the way to the polls. For Gehlot though, the biggest casualty may be his carefully crafted image as a clean politician. Following !

Barmer mla Viral Video CCTV footage
Barmer mla Viral Video CCTV footage

I. The Viral Video Scandal Involving Barmer’s Former MLA, Mevaram Jain

The seeds of the scandal were sown in December 2022 when a married woman filed a case against Jain and his alleged accomplice, Ramswaroop Acharya, at a police station in Jodhpur. As per the complaint, Jain and Acharya exploited the woman and also molested her 15-year-old daughter. Crucially, the woman mentioned two videos in her testimony to the police.

“The woman levelled serious charges of and harassment against the former MLA and his aide. She provided detailed accounts of the physical and mental trauma she suffered,” said an investigating officer on condition of anonymity. “We also cannot ignore the videos she referred to in her complaint. They appear to be important evidence that need to be recovered.”

After filing the complaint, the woman underwent medical tests and had her statement recorded by the police. Jain swiftly moved court and obtained relief from arrest until January 25. The court also directed him to cooperate fully with the ongoing investigation.

II. Key Figures in the Barmer MLA Viral Video Scandal

Mevaram Jain: A former MLA from the Barmer constituency, Jain was elected on a Congress ticket in 2018. He lost his seat to BJP candidate Kailash Choudhary in the 2022 state elections amid the Modi wave. Photos showing Jain’s proximity to Congress heavyweights like Ashok Gehlot and Rahul Gandhi have gone viral on social media, causing embarrassment to the party. He currently faces , harassment and POCSO charges.

Ramswaroop Acharya: Described by police as Jain’s “close associate”, Acharya has been named as an accomplice in the and harassment case. His precise role in the crimes alleged is unclear, though the complaint accuses him of direct involvement. His name also figures in the viral CDs.

The Victim Woman: The married woman in her late 30s claims she was exploited by Jain and Acharya for several years after first coming in contact with them in 2017. Her husband works as a mine laborer in Barmer district. She has two teenage daughters. To protect her identity, police have not revealed her name or residence details.

III. The Genesis of the Barmer MLA Viral Video Scandal

The scandal erupted on January 6, 2023 when several video clips showing Jain acts with different women began circulating widely on social media platforms. While their authenticity is yet to be verified by forensic experts, the videos match the description provided by the victim woman.

The clips immediately went viral with thousands of views and shares across WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Alongside the CDs, old pictures of Jain posing with Congress leaders were also shared mocking the party.

“The videos are shocking and deeply disturbing. If true, this is a serious criminal matter warranting immediate police action. We expect the state government to carry out a full investigation,” said BJP spokesperson Ram Swaroop Sharma.

Congress leader Mahesh Joshi responded, “The law must take its course. We have no further comments to offer at this stage.” The party leadership has largely avoided directly addressing the scandal so far.

Stung by the public outcry over the videos, the Rajasthan Police has stepped up its ongoing probe into the case filed against Jain. A Special Investigation Team (SIT) headed by Police Superintendent Vijay Pal Singh has been formed to focus exclusively on the viral CDs and new charges.

Forensic labs have been directed to thoroughly examine the video clips and confirm whether they show Jain and have been edited in any way. Once certified as genuine, the videos can be considered vital evidence in the case.

Technical teams are also tracking the source of the clips – how and when they were recorded, copied, stored and eventually leaked online. CCTV footage from hotels and private premises featured in the videos will be scrutinized to identify the women seen with Jain.

“We have assigned our best investigators to this sensitive case. All evidence is being carefully analyzed to uncover the truth,” said Barmer SP Kaluram Rawat. “Our teams are also monitoring social media closely to prevent further distribution of the illegal videos.”

IV. The Emergence of the Viral Videos Involving Barmer’s Former MLA

The scandal has hit national headlines and sparked a full-blown political war between BJP and Congress ahead of state elections.

BJP leaders have gone on the offensive, blaming the Gehlot government for failing to act against its former MLA despite serious charges. They claim Congress is protecting Jain due to his proximity to senior leaders.

“It seems Ashok Gehlot has run out of tears after watching these vulgar clips,” quipped Deputy CM Sachin Pilot at a Jaipur rally. “Congress has hit a new low in public life by sheltering this man.”

Congress has refuted the allegations, stressing the neutrality of the investigation. Local party workers in Barmer held a protest march demanding strict penalties if Jain is found guilty.

Political observers say the scandal may damage Congress prospects in the Marwar region where Jain wields influence. It also weakens CM Gehlot’s position within his party at a time when he is facing an internal challenge from Pilot.

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