Baby Gress Viral Scandal Indonesia

Who knew a patch of grass could spark such hilarious outrage? That’s been the case in Indonesia recently thanks to a viral video scandal dubbed “Baby Gress Viral Scandal Indonesia” sweeping social media. The phenomenon centers around a compilation of Indonesian toddlers tentatively inspecting grass during playtime before reacting with disgusted reluctance and avoidance. Their overblown negative reactions have struck a chord across Indonesia and beyond for being both adorable and logically sensible from the babies’ perspective. With over two million views and counting, the Baby Gress scandal highlights an amusing slice of infant behavior while bringing some viral comedy to the country. As copies of the video continue spreading on Indonesian social platforms, the dramatic grass avoidance antics of these tiny locals has clearly connected with a mass audience. Following !

Baby Gress Viral Scandal Indonesia
Baby Gress Viral Scandal Indonesia

Indonesian Babies Go Viral for Avoiding Grass

A recent viral video phenomenon in Indonesia has highlighted some curious behavior from local infants—a seeming phobia of grass. The trend began when Twitter user @Hana721107 uploaded a compilation video back in May 2021 showcasing numerous Indonesian babies tentatively avoiding making contact with grass during outdoor playtime. Their reluctant reactions struck a chord for being both hilarious and relatable for parents.

“The prickly texture and feel of grass are far different than the softer and more comfortable feeling of carpet, tile, and wood surfaces on their feet, hands, and body, so babies are often scared of it,” explained Dr. Gina Posner, pediatrician at the Memoria Care Orange Coast Medical Centre, when speaking to Parents magazine on January 9, 2023 about the video craze.

The baby grass avoidance footage gained renewed traction when Instagram user @maythesciencebewithyou reposted an updated compilation of clips on July 22, 2023. The post swiftly went viral across Indonesian social media, garnering comedic reactions. “Commentary explains babies’ logical avoidance of grass,” noted one local report on the viral sensation.

For parents and internet users across Indonesia, the videos clearly struck a chord for presenting cute, hilarious, and even rational reactions from local infants as they carefully inspected and avoided the unfamiliar grass texture beneath them during outdoor play.

Indonesian Baby Grass Avoidance Video Goes Viral Twice

In 2021, Indonesian Twitter user @Hana721107 uploaded a compilation video showcasing local babies tentatively avoiding making contact with grass while crawling or playing outdoors. The amusing baby reactions quickly went viral across social media platforms in the country. “The initial Baby Gress video proves popular thanks to the funny and cute infant reactions on display,” explained one Indonesian entertainment site during the initial craze.

The viral baby video resurfaced again in 2023 when Instagram user @maythesciencebewithyou reposted an updated compilation of clips on July 22nd. “An Indonesian Instagrammer helped introduce the baby videos to a new audience this month by sharing an extended collection of footage originally posted in 2021,” a local tech blog reported on the renewed interest.

This time, the Indonesian Baby Gress video compilation spread even further, being shared across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. “The expanded compilation video going viral for a second time demonstrates the enduring appeal of humorous baby content for Indonesian internet users,” notes Dr. Sheila Carmichael, a senior lecturer in child psychology at the University of Indonesia.

Indeed, the unwillingness of local infants to touch grass in backyards and parks has proven a social media phenomenon in the country, thanks to the hilarious and adorable reactions on display.

Hilarious Baby Reactions Make Indonesian Grass Video Go Viral

The Indonesian baby grass reaction video has resonated powerfully thanks to the highly entertaining and relatable infant behaviors on display. As babies tentatively prod at grass before reeling back in dismay, their over-the-top negative reactions have struck a humorous chord with parents and internet users across the country.

“The babies’ overblown disgusted responses as they inspect and avoid touching grass is recognizable for any parent whose child has been unsure about various textures,” notes Tia Hartanto, an Indonesian blogger and mother of two young kids. “Seeing many babies react the exact same way underscores that it’s a common phase.”

Indeed, child psychology experts have also weighed in to normalize the reaction. “Babies around 6-12 months are still making sense of the world around them, so new sights and textures like grass can seem unpleasant and scary,” Dr. Sheila Carmichael at the University of Indonesia explained to The Jakarta Post. “Their tendency to avoid the grass is logical from the baby’s perspective.”

So while the dramatic, hilarious baby reactions have fueled the viral appeal, the commentary also helps viewers understand the rational motivations behind the avoidance behavior. As one viral tweet put it, “Who knew babies disliking grass could be so funny yet make so much sense?” This perfect combination of entertainment and insight has made the Indonesian compilation an enduring viral phenom.

IV. Indonesian Baby Grass Video Spreads Across Social Platforms

The viral compilation showcasing babies tentatively avoiding grass originated from Indonesian Twitter before making its way across various social media sites in the country.

Twitter user @Hana721107 first posted the initial video back in May 2021. As the hilarious baby reactions gained traction on Twitter, copies and reactions began appearing on Facebook and Instagram as well over subsequent months.

Then in July 2023, Instagram user @maythesciencebewithyou shared an updated compilation bringing the videos to a new generation of viewers. This prompted another viral wave on Indonesian social media.

“The baby grass video has now spread to all major platforms here,” notes social media analyst Devita Wijaya. “You have folks sharing it across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more thanks to the enduring comedic appeal.”

Indeed, over the past two years the Indonesian baby grass reaction phenomenon has extended far beyond the original Twitter upload. Various edited versions and meme reactions can now be found across Indonesian internet communities.

So whether it’s the original viral tweet or the recent Instagram reel, numerous copies of the baby compilation now exist for curious viewers. “If you haven’t seen the funny Indonesian baby videos yet, just check social media feeds anywhere in the country,” suggests Wijaya. “It’s sure to pop up sooner or later!”

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